Please read this before reviewing the iPad Pro!

The iPad Pro is not a Mac or Windows laptop; why pretend it is when reviewing it?

Do you see people reviewing a Honda Civic complaining that it has no truck bed and can’t tow their camper?

Have a nice day.

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Macs are not too expensive, are they?

I am reading review after review about the new Mac mini, and they’re generally positive with one caveat: At $799, it’s supposedly too expensive.  May I point out that these same websites give great reviews to the iPhone XR, saying what a super deal it is for $749.  So, you’re saying a full-powered desktop computer that’s only $50 more than the “great deal” iPhone XR is somehow too expensive?

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Au fond du temple saint

The duet “Au fond du temple saint” is one of the most loved duets in all operatic literature.  It is from the 1863 opera Les pêcheurs de perles (The Pearl Fishers) by French composer Georges Bizet (1838-1875).  Bizet is perhaps best known for another opera, the masterpiece Carmen.  Les pêcheurs de perles was written earlier, and was not well received by critics at the time.  However, the opera was premiered before Bizet’s 25th birthday, and showed a remarkable ability for somebody so young.

After Bizet’s death, Les pêcheurs enjoyed a revival, and modern critics have looked upon the opera much more favorably than Bizet’s contemporaries.  Although the entire opera is not performed as often as Carmen, this famous tenor-baritone duet has become a classic in its own right.  It is often performed separately from the whole opera as a feature in concert or recital.

“Au fond du temple saint” focuses on the relationship between Nadir (tenor) and Zurga (baritone), who had both fallen for the same woman, Leila (soprano).  As they sing the duet, they are reuniting after a time apart.  They sing of the time they were in conflict over Leila and recall their oath to renouce their love for her and pledge undying friendship to each other instead.

As is often the case in opera, their friendship falls apart shortly thereafter when Nadir sees Leila and immediately rushes into her arms again.  Zurga finds out and orders them both to be killed.

However, this duet expresses the intent to remain lifelong friends, foreshadowing a resolution that saves Nadir in the end.  Zurga discovers later that Leila had saved his life when she was just a young child.  Seeing her as that child instead of a romantic partiner, his anger subsides, and he sets Leila and his friend Nadir free to be together at the end of the opera.

The recording of Jussi Björling and Robert Merrill is considered one of the best renditions of this incredible duet.  Feel free to listen and enjoy.

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Apple might actually care about privacy

Everybody is complaining that Siri doesn’t do enough in the new HomePod. This week there is yet another story about a “smart speaker” invading the privacy of the people who bought it. An Amazon Echo recorded a couple’s private conversation in their home and sent it to the boss of one of them!

There was a prior story about a Google home device literally recording everything said in somebody’s home and sending it to Google’s servers. In both cases, the companies apologized, but it seems that they have put so many features into their devices with little to no thought of their users’ privacy.

So, perhaps there is a good reason that the Home Pod doesn’t do everything the Amazon Echo or Google Home speaker can. Perhaps Apple would prefer to deal with negative reviews of a “dumb” smart speaker rather than give a device that can hear everything going on in your home too much power to invade or violate your privacy “unintentionally” or otherwise.

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Wasted Effort

The Google Duplex “demo” which may have been faked, or at least edited and staged, made me sad for another reason. Some of the greatest engineers in the world are wasting human capital doing things like maximizing advertising sales and saving people from having to call each other to make hair appointments.

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That is my iPod on Apple insider.


Still working since 2001!

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Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s new dating service: “We have designed this with privacy and safety in mind from the beginning.” Does he really think anybody believes him? Also, how great is it to screw over one of your developers (tinder) and laugh about it at your dev conference? Looks like Tinder just got “Sherlocked” by FB…

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It appears that the new wavelength app requires a hosted site. Is that correct or am I missing something? I currently link a wordpress blog to this service…

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Big Moth

Big enough for its own radio show?

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