Coast-to-Coast iPod

I took my recently rejuvenated Scroll Wheel iPod on a coast-to-coast plane trip for work. I loaded some podcasts on it (they show up in Playlists-Podcasts by the way, all lumped in together, so don’t try to have dozens of podcasts on an original iPod) and took it with me.  I listened to Deadly Manners for most of the 5-hour plane ride and it still showed 4 bars out of 4 for battery.  I then left it in my luggage for a couple of days (didn’t charge it) and listened to music for 4 or 5 hours on the way back home.  After getting home, it still showed 4 bars of battery life!

So I haven’t done a comprehensive battery test on it (run it all the way down), but 8 hours of playback and still reporting a full battery?  I’m pretty happy.  Plus I had the bonus of getting off the plane with a fully charged iPhone since I just left it off during the ride.

iPod and Chicago

I had forgotten this until I recently pulled out my old iPod.  I noticed the font appeared to be the old classic Chicago I remember from my old Mac SE and systems 6 and 7.  I checked Wikipedia to see if I was mistaken…

Yep, although Mac OS switched default fonts from Chicago to Charcoal in the late 90s, the original iPod uses the Chicago font as its system font.

Reviving an original iPod

As you might have guessed, this blog is mainly about defunct technology.

The first order of business is to document what I’m going to do with my iPod.  It’s the first-generation one.  The one that only works with a Mac.  The one that is firewire-only, and doesn’t have a 30-pin or a lightning connector.  The one with a scroll wheel that physically spins around, not some touchpad that pretends to be a real wheel.  I got it in 2001 or 2002 to help me memorize music for my Master’s degree in music.  1,000 opera arias in my pocket for $399.

image from
The original iPod, image from

I used to listen to it in my car using a cheap FM transmitter and on a very cold night years ago, I forgot and left it out there.  Its battery was never the same, and I put it in a drawer.  I recently dug it out and it still works fine, although it has only about 5 minutes of battery life.  It even syncs with the newest version of iTunes.

So, I decided to buy a new battery for it, and a 20GB hard drive to quadruple its capacity.  I got some free amazon gift cards for searching Bing (yeah I know, the dark side) and saving coke bottle tops. Therefore, the $28 cost of these items was only $8 for me.  Well worth it to give this old friend a new lease on life.  Once these items arrive, I will decide whether I have the guts to pry it open and perform surgery to prolong its life.

Plus, my dogcow just might be hiding in there too…