Listen to music for free? What a novel concept.

I noticed the following story on one of my favorite blogs, Daring Fireball.


Now, isn’t that a novel concept? One of my favorite press release quotes was “Listening to music on your Google Home speaker right out-of-the-box seems too good to be true, right?” I guess nobody ever thought of a device that would allow you to just plug it in and listen to music before today, right?

Why don’t you try one of these? Bonus: unlike “Alexa,” it doesn’t record your conversations to be listened to by Amazon employees.

picture of a radio

Macs are not too expensive, are they?

I am reading review after review about the new Mac mini, and they’re generally positive with one caveat: At $799, it’s supposedly too expensive.  May I point out that these same websites give great reviews to the iPhone XR, saying what a super deal it is for $749.  So, you’re saying a full-powered desktop computer that’s only $50 more than the “great deal” iPhone XR is somehow too expensive?